SoLo – Every Morning

Born in New Jersey, Patrick “SoLo” Jamieson, was as creative as a kid could get. With extreme talent in drawing and singing he always imagined himself someday being in the spotlight. Entering middle school Patrick quickly developed an ear for good music and after multiple instances he decided he would try to make his own music. In the summer of 2010 he would on to link up with up and coming director/producer Jon Kilmer. After a few months SoLo dropped his debut mixtape Out Of The Ordinary. It was a top download on the popular site Datpiff cracking the top 8 in downloads its first week. Weeks after its release Solo was discovered by EMI/TwemGem writer Swagga Bob was signed to SWAGGASQUAD ( a development group for artists aiming for major deals). Today, SoLo has dropped the sesational music video for his single Movin Out and has amassed over 15,000 views in a mere few days. He is looking to put out his sophmore mixtape in late April. This song is dope by SoLo we hope you all like what he brings to the table.

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Be sure to watch his latest music video “The News”

Robert Kelly

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