Life Is Good (Rugrats Theme Song) – The Cave Boys

Who would have ever thought to do a rap over the Rugrats theme song….. Not me and this blows me away. This song is extremely well done, I love the Cave Boys they have big stuff already out there and more coming. The rap duo from New Hampshire has incredible talent just waiting to be found. Their mixtape “Now Boarding” will be featured on here soon. Everyone who didn’t have a deprived childhood and watch the Rugrats needs to listen to this song.

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Robert Kelly

One thought on “Life Is Good (Rugrats Theme Song) – The Cave Boys

  1. To be able to expert enthusiasts connected with reputation as well as hip-hop, it seems like lifetimes back in which Nas primary presented a glance connected with his or her skillsets being a attribute on Principal Source's 1991 monitor Are living On the BBQ. Organized through MC Serch, that is awarded while using the discovery of the A queen indigenous, this passage jam-packed a serious hand techinque connected with ingenious metaphors as well as musical potential. Twenty years as well as eight alone collections later on, most of us seem again for the vocation connected with one of the greatest and many influential rappers for you to ever take hold of that particular microphone stand, and appearance on the future at the musician who exhibits no symptoms connected with slowing. “Life Is Good” rapper, 2012


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