Wiche Entertainments Presents: These Kids – Live It Up (ft. Mark Whitley)

These Kids are blazin’ hot!

These Kids are the next big thing out of North Carolina, they just dropped this music video and download link to Live It Up, which is a remix to Right Above It by Lil Wayne and Drake. Can I just say that they go hard on this track which the original is so good some people are scared to touch it. But not for These Kids, they murdered this with the help of Mark Whitley. TWhy (main rapper) and TStar (producer, sings chorus) are dirty with the mic both seniors in high school but looking to Live It Up soon and already are with this song. Their debut mixtape drops April 20th…yup 420. So, grab an L and listen to this track and stay tuned for their mixtape which Wiche Kids/Wiche Entertainments will have as soon as they say to drop it. These Kids and Wiche Entertainment will be working closely from now on. Thumbs Up Live It Up.


Watch The Music Video
Robert Kelly


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