Mixtape of the Day – Piffsburgh by Mac Miller (05/03/2011)

Love it!
Now this isn’t an official release it is just a few songs Mac has recently released and past songs that he never officially released on anything big thrown on to a tape, but total props to howflyhiphop.com. Let me just say one thing, I’ve been a fan from the beginning and not because Mac smokes, I don’t smoke but I don’t have a problem with people that do an have many friends that do. I am a fan because like all those little kids that run around saying “AHHH Justin Bieber” that’s what Mac Miller is in the rap world. Bieber was found via Youtube right? So was Mac, but that’s where the similarities stop. Mac gives hope to all the rappers out there basically saying, “if he can do it then why can’t I?” and really we all can so Mac that’s why you’re under my inspirational people on Facebook. Thumbs up homies.
Robert Kelly


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