Mixtape of the Day – Cabin Fever by Wiz Khalifa (05/05/2011)

The Real Wiz
This is the Wiz Khalifa I love and adore. This is Wiz doing his thing aka what he did before he got signed. Wiz going mainstream ruined his old style, sure his new style is fun and party like but that is NOT the real Cameron Thomaz aka Wiz Khalifa! I swear if Rostrum Records trys to ruin Mac Miller, I will not be happy at all. Wiz I love you man and I love this style of Wiz even though I don’t mind your other songs either but this is better Wiz. As you all know, Mac is my boy, listed as my bro on Facebook and has a concert in town here May 20th, so if Mac gets ruined…I will have some strong words for Rostrum Records. Taylor Gang x Thumbs Up is all they have. Enjoy the mixtape!

Robert Kelly


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