Meet The Artist Monday: Adam K (05/16/2011)

Adam K is growing more and more fans everyday. Dropping a new song tomorrow and getting on a track with another COM artist, Jhurls. Adam K is a hip-hop and hip-pop rapper, some like to called it frat rap. Either way, Adam K is one of the best!
Adam K Interview
1.       First off, thank you for taking you time to an interview with us. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself. (anything you’d like)
No problem. I’m a nineteen year old college rapper. When I’m not recording or writing music you can usually find me playing sports, just chillin with my friends or chasing girls like every other teenager. 
2.       You can approach many different styles of rap, but what do you believe sets you apart from others?
I think my ability to creatively change up the speed and rhythm of my lyrics during the span of one beat sets me apart. Also, I think my upbeat style is something that not every rapper brings to the table.
3.       If you had to pick one person to collab with who would it be and why?
Mac Miller. Hands down. He would be the one because I think he’s making the best music right now and his style aligns with mine.
4.       What do you consider yourself, a frat rapper, hip-pop, or hip-hop?
I would say a mixture of all of them depending on the sound of the song I’m on. But most of all I would say I’m mainly part of the new frat rapper movement going on right now in hip hop.
5.       When you write songs where do the lyrics come from? (ex past experiences)
Every time I write a song I have to hear the beat first. The original feeling I get from the beat will then dictate the lyrics. On my freshman mixtape I released in March, I had songs varying from talking about my story, to the town I grew up in, to partying with my friends.
6.       How and when did you first get started off on music? And when did you realize this is what you wanted to do?
I first started writing and making music my junior year of high school. I fell in love with the feel of hip hop music when I first heard it but I’ve also loved and will always love the sound of classic rock. The first song I put on youtube was a remix to the song Bedrock by Lil Wayne, I then became obsessed with making music for my friends and kids around me to listen to.
7.       What keeps you going through all the haters and hard times in the music business?
There are always haters. I’ve learned from bigger rappers just to ignore them for the most part but to also listen to some of their criticism. I’ve also had a couple times where I questioned if I wanted to do this or not but I always found my way back to making music because I like the process so much. All the positive feedback I get from fans makes me want to make more and more music.
8.       Do you have any upcoming projects coming out?
Oh Yeah. I’ve got some singles and collabs coming out on youtube in the next couple weeks. Also, I have a mixtape in the making that should come out late June or early July. A music video is also in the works at the moment.
9.       Anything else you would like to tell The College Of Music and your fans?
Thanks for all the support and expect a lot more out of me in the near future. “Like” my fanpage…Adam K and stay tuned for new music and updates. I appreciate the love and everybody check out The College of Music!
Robert Kelly

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