Interview with D.N.A

D.N.A Interview

1. First off, thank you for taking you time to an interview with us. Tell everyone a little bit about yourself. 
Hey what’s up? My name is David Aurora aka D.N.A. I’m a 17 year old rapper from Burlington, Ontario. I started writing about 3 years ago and released my first mixtape “The Regeneration” last year. 

2. Where did the name come from? And what does it mean? 
The name “D.N.A.” actually means “David and Aurora” or “D and A”. I also strongly believe that music is in my DNA and that‘s another reason behind the name I chose.

3. How does the music making process go? (beats and lyrics) Also, where do the lyrics come from? 
Pretty much a producer/friend of mine by the name of Nico Marchese sends me dope beats he makes and I’ll write to them and record it in my studio. After that I send them back to Nico so he can mix them and make the track sound fresh. 

4. What do you believe sets you apart from the other up and coming rappers? 
I believe what sets me apart from other up and coming rappers is my drive to do better. I honestly believe that if a new track I am working on is not better than the last I will not release it. All my lyrics and inspiration comes from my heart and everything I say is true and meaningful. 

5. How did you first get introduced to music? When did it hit you that this is what you wanted to do? 
Ever since I was 7, my friends and I would make rap names, and we would write track titles on the back of blank CD’s. I always listened to big artists at a young age whether it was Eminem, 50 Cent or Michael Jackson. I always wanted to be like Eminem and I constantly wrote rhymes and recorded on my cheap old computer mic. That’s when I said this is what I want and who I want to be.

6. Any upcoming projects? 
I am actually currently working on my new album and the singles “I Believe” and “Winter Snow” will be featured on it.

7. What person inspired you to get into hip-hop and the music industry? (fellow artist, family, friend etc.)
It is hard to credit a particular person but Eminem was always a big role model for me. The way he put his story telling into his rhymes always amazed me. I also have to thank my parents and family for respecting what I 
do; standing by me and helping me buy the equipment when I didn’t have money for it. I also have to give a big shutout to Nico Marchese, Dylan Owen, my brothers Danny and Jason, Fredrick Ampofo, Chris Trauzzi, Richy Milo and Dre.Square for all of the support in recent years.

8. Anything else you would like to tell The COM and your fans? 
Hopefully you would like to hear from me as much as I would like to hear from you, I really appreciate all of the support and feedback, if you want to check me out hit up YouTubeFacebookTwitter and MySpace for more information and new tracks that I will be releasing, Thank you!

Robert Kelly

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