DJ Burnout – Mashup Or Shut Up [Mixtape]


I am a huge mashup fan and have been listening to DJ Burnout’s stuff for a while. He is an ill producer from the NYC/DC area but don’t listen to what I have to say about each track. Here’s what DJ Burnout has to say about each track.

1) Walking On A Moobahton – I recently started liking moobahton and walking on a dream is such a classic, so mite as well mash it up haha
2) The Product Of Baby Fucking – self explanatory – I love this track haha
3) Last Cinema Bass Levels – love avicii, knew I wanted to put bass down low on this and katy perry and cinema went well too
4) We R Rolling In The Deep Till The World Ends – as soon as I heard adele I wanted to put her on this track, I think britney and kesha work well too
5) Show Me One Anthem – party anthem of the summer in my opinion
6) Hot Wet Electro Summer – bigger version of a summer anthem :)
7) Sweat My Lovely SnM – who doesnt love the beatles and snoop haha
8) Louder Than Penguins – love louder than words, wanted my own take on it and avicii is perfect for that
9) Warprutataaa – you play this when you want people to riot
10)Last Night Who Let The Bromance Out On The Floor – bromance is a great song so I knew vocals needed to be put on this, and a throwback like baha men is always great
11)Racks On Rock – made this for fun, love racks on racks haha
12)Dubstep Meets Top 40 – self explanatory
13)Ruffneck Swagga – datsik, excision VS skrillex – perfect
14)Sweet Dreams On Em
Robert Kelly

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