Best Of Summer 2011 Series: Top Mixtapes

In our second edition of the Best Of Summer 2011 Series, we give you guys the top mixtapes, in our opinion, from June 1st until August 31st. We picked the top eight, and have them listed below in no particular order. 
Chris Webby – Webster’s Laboratory
Download Webster’s Lab [Click]                                         Read our post on Webby’s Lab [Click]
Let’s start off of Chris Webby’s newest mixtape, Webster’s Laboratory. This mixtape was released on June 1st and crashed Datpiff for the second time in his career, he was the first to ever crash the popular mixtape site. Webby kills this mixtape but is not quite as good as his other mixtape, Best In The Burbs, either way Webby always delivers and is always ill. 
Download Leap Year [Click]                                                 Read our post on Leap Year [Click]
Next, we’ll talk about Hoodie Allen. Hoodie has been in the game for a little over a year (give or take) he already has a strong and loyal fan base after released two GREAT mixtapes within his career. Hoodie left his job at Google to try rapping, good choice I’d say. Do not miss Hoodie‘s mixtape Leap Year, or his debut mixtape, Pep Rally, both are epic.

G-Eazy – Endless Summer
Next is a guy with a different kind of flow in G-Eazy. The Oakland native is reppin’ Oakland along with his new city of New Orleans. This mixtape, The Endless Summer, is great in my opinion. His other mixtape, The Outsider, was good but this one is breath taking. G-Eazy has a bright bright future in front of him.

IanJ – Pop Culture

Download Pop Culture [Click]                                         Read our post on this mixtape [Click]
IanJ is only 17 years old, but is one of the best frat music/hip-pop, whatever you want to call it, rappers out there. The kid has talent, end of story. This is a mixtape he released on the 31st of August and has stolen the ears of all listeners, including my own. The mixtape features some producing from Mr. Rogers, Sex Ray Vision, and a nice sample of a song from Willy Wonka. Pop Culture is easily IanJ’s best work yet.

Cris Cab – The Foreword EP

Download Foreword [Click]                                                  Read our post about Cris Cab [Click]
Going away from the hip-hop scene with this mixtape. On The Foreword EP, we introduce you to a young singer out of Miami, Florida by the name of Cris Cab. At only 18 years of age Cris Cab’s music makes him so a thousand times more mature. This entire EP is great has the total summer feel.

Na Palm – Late At Night

Download Late At Night [Click]                                         Read our post on this mixtape [Click]
If you haven’t heard of Na Palm then WAKE UP! Na Palm is arguably one of the best underground artists at the time, with over 262,000 loyal fans Na Palm is on his way. This mixtape stole my breath, no joke, when I listened to it for the first time. Na Palm goes on every style beat on it. Late At Night is a must download in my opinion.

OCD: Moosh & Twist – The Welcome Mat

Download The Welcome Mat [Click]                       Read our post about The Welcome Mat [Click]
OCD is made up of two 18 year olds, Moosh & Twist. This is their highly successful third mixtape and is a part one of a two part mixtape release. The second one has yet to be released. However, OCD is on the verge of big things and this mixtape and their last are just the start. This had fans staying up until 2 in the morning to get it!

Kinetics & One Love – What Model Are You?

Download What Model Are You? [Click]                      Read our post about this mixtape [Click]
Kinetics & One Love is a duo with Kinetics spitting the lyrics and One Love dropping the beats and production. This duo wrote the popular song “Airplanes” and sold all rights of the song, now we have all heard B.o.B.’s version thanks to these two. This is their first mixtape since 2009 and it was well worth the long wait. Kinetics & One Love are some of the best in the game, especially at lyrics.

Will You Be Remembered? (ft. Missy Modell) [Click To Download]

Robert Kelly

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