Machine Gun Kelly – Sail (Official Video)


First of all, happy 24th birthday to Machine Gun Kelly. It’s crazy how at such a young age, he’s able to make a huge impact on not only the rap genre, but on people’s lives as well. Being the awesome person he is, on his own birthday, MGK decided to give his fans a gift. At first he dropped Sail without a video, but now we get the visuals to accompany the record, after the stream hit 300,000 plays.

The song itself is gold, with a classic Machine Gun Kelly fast-paced flow and some amazing Mod Sun-directed visuals to go along with it. The beginning of the video is awesome, with a shot making it look like Kells just came off of the Chip Off The Block shoot. This song makes me wonder what he has in store for the next album. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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After a near-death experience involving three grizzly bears & two Cambodian strippers, Liam made a life-changing decision to venture into the music world. Follow him on Twitter at @doyouknowLIAM for an endless supply of mediocre tweets.

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