Chet Faker x Goldlink – On You

Truth be told, it had seemed like it had been a while since I was genuinely on pins and needles waiting to hear a new track. However, when I saw this awesome collaboration pop up in my inbox, courtesy of the homie (@TwirlyHatMatt), instantly that feeling of excitement and anticipation was back.
The track, a collaboration between Australian vocalist Chet Faker and the rapidly ascending DMV area rapper, Goldlink, is an absolute beauty, and an impressive blending of two cultures that don’t often collide, those of indie and hip-hop music. The Collaboration was put together as the latest product of the Yours Truly x Adidas Original’s “Song’s From Scratch Series”, and features both artist’s showcasing some of their best work in what is a somewhat unfamiliar environment for both.
Chet Faker is largely known for his numerous collabs with the Australian super DJ Flume, and up until this point hasn’t delved as much into the hip-hop world, although after this track, I’m starting to think that might not be such a bad look, as his soft crooning glides over the smooth production. Surprisingly, this meshes almost perfectly with GoldLink’s own contributions on the track, where he gives us a more melodic, introspective, verse than some of his other work, arguing that he would spend whatever he has for the affections of his one love.
The whole track concludes with an awesome, soulful, piano outro, and as my own writing on this stellar track comes to a end, I would to mention that Goldlink is going on tour with the previously mentioned Flume for six dates in three cities over the next month, so check the jump for a tour poster, and the dates. Also, The God Complex (Deluxe Edition), featuring a couple tracks not on the original version, goes live July 22nd on iTunes, so stay tuned for that. Check out this MUST HEAR collaboration, and show both artists some love from #TeamCOM.
Connect with Chet Faker & GoldLink: @Chet_Faker // @GoldLink


Robert Kelly

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