Academy – Seventeen

One of my favorite groups Academy, is here to bring us some good vibes, however with a little twist. Some of you may not know this, but ahead of their East Coast tour Academy decided to add John That; the New Hampshire born LA native who you may know from his own solo work, including the catchy summer anthem “Hippy Girl”.
John joins Evan, and and I think really adds an awesome new element to the group, bringing his own easygoing style and alluring vocal talents to the table, and really complements the alternative, hip-hop, and reggae mix the duo already had going for them.
The first release since John joined the group is “Seventeen”, a very catchy and relatable song about a summer fling, that quickly turns sour. The girl that was once so vibrant and promised she would never leave, is now long gone, finding herself caught up in drugs and the party lifestyle, and is losing herself in the process.
Somehow, Academy manages to make this not only endlessly enjoyable to listen to, but also a track that I’m sure a lot of people can find a ton of meaning in, and really relate to. That’s truly an underrated skill, and just goes to show how talented these guys really are. Give the track a listen, show some love, and catch Academy on tour this fall!
Connect with Academy: @ACADEMY401 // Facebook


Robert Kelly

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