Jack Larsen – Dangerous (Prod. Cian P)

There’s something about this track that just entrances me. Whether it’s the  deliberate, atmospheric production, or the deeply emotive, hazy vocals, this record just takes me into a place of profound introspection. Jack Larsen elicits stirringly honest sentiments of love, while alternating deftly between tenderly crooned singing, and lustful, distorted rapping. Larsen’s constant shuttling between the physical and emotional generates an intriguing dichotomy between desire and real love.
Cian P furnishes the instrumental, at times tranquil and shimmering, and at others woozy and moody. Dangerous is a breath of fresh air, experimental sonically, yet still deeply relatable. Though only 18, Jack Larsen has already cultivated a sound and aesthetic all his own, and featured alongside Kevin Abstract on his highly acclaimed project MTV1987.
Here’s to hoping we hear more of these intoxicating sounds soon. Show Jack Larsen some love, and check out the rest of his work on SoundCloud, it’s well worth a trip.
Connect with Jack Larsen: @Jack_Larsen


Robert Kelly


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