HUNTAR – Loneliest Feeling

It’s only human to have some nights where you sink deeply into what we call ‘the feels’. Those contemplative evenings where your mind wanders to the deepest, and loneliest, depths of your soul. Perhaps you’re sadly recollecting some missed connection, or agonizing over why you can’t tell her how you feel.
Whatever it is, HUNTAR bottled these emotions, and flipped the script, transforming wistful melancholy into an effervescent outburst of pop-leaning R&B. The enigmatic South Londoner’s lovesick vocals glide above the pulsating dance-friendly soundscape, creating a palpable sense of conflict between the sober lyricism and intoxicatingly exuberant sound.
Remarkably this seemingly strange incongruity comes together perfectly, dragging you out from that solitary pit of emotion and plunging you back into the sunlight. The next time you feel yourself slipping into that spiral, remember Loneliest Feeling, press play, and move past it.
If you enjoy this record as much as I do, consider heading over to iTunes to purchase HUNTAR’s debut EP Love I Know, it’s more than worth your $2.99.
Connect with HUNTAR: @HUNTARmusic


Robert Kelly

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