Artist Spotlight – Gus Dapperton

Innovation is usually the result of one of two scenarios: 1. A revelatory moment of genius, or 2. A product of necessity. This particular change is probably more the latter. What change do I mean? A new feature of course, inspired by the musical stylings of New Yorker Gus Dapperton.
After a long journey through the valleys and peaks of SoundCloud, I fortuitously fell into Gus’ stream, and couldn’t settle on just one record to highlight. So, instead I figured why not bring you a bunch of amazing tunes, and get a little more in depth with a new favorite.
Gus Dapperton is actually only one of 18 year old Brendan Rice’s creative ventures, alongside production aliases Spazzy Mcgee and fvcking digital, but is perhaps his most intriguing incarnation. 
The Warwick natives sound is characterized by a sort of lo-fi, mellowed out alternative soul, with deliberately paced instrumentals and soft, yet affecting vocals. His distinctive croon gently glides over ringing guitar chords, jazzy horns, and tuneful keys, highlighting touching bursts of harmony. 
Beneath the sweet sounding surface is an aura of abstract introspection, as Gus searches for meaning between subdued musings. Each track is separately purposeful, enticingly youthful, and imperfect in a perfect sort of way. There’s a raw, organic feel to it all, the uninhibited creations of a talented artist.
Whether it’s the tender dreamland of ‘SLUMBERLAND’, or ‘These Foolish Things’ naive love, each record is a new sonic journey, and one that I can’t wait to repeatedly embark on. 
Sprinkle in a little hip-hop courtesy of impressive guest verses from Gus’ friends Simonez Dega, Elijah Bank$y, and Lo.Rd Lingo, and you have a collection of five of my favorite tracks in some time.
So vibe out on this early summer Monday, and show our new friend Gus Dapperton some love. 
Connect with Gus Dapperton: @gusdapperton

Robert Kelly

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