Exclusive Interview with Phoebe Ryan

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Do you like drugs

Phoebe Ryan bursts the simple, melodic question out to her Friday morning festival crowd. Mimicking the New Jersey singer/songwriter’s motions, the crowd doesn’t miss a beat to Ryan’s R.Kelly/Miguel/Kesha mashup. At the age of 23, coming off the heels of her debut EP and relocation to Los Angeles, the young artist’s energy-filled festival set is a small piece to her fast-track to musical success.

“I was a little nervous just because I was playing so early I thought people are going to want to sleep in, and it’s really early to be going to a show,” said Ryan. “I was surprised that people showed up and it was awesome.”

Phoebe’s two sets at Firefly Musical Festival marked her second major festival appearance of the week and her career.

“It’s really crazy,” said Ryan. “I was at Bonnaroo and now I’m here and it’s just such a different vibe than I was expecting. I had a co-headlining show last night and it was sold out and that was crazy. The festival thing is just so different because you don’t know what to expect.”

Phoebe’s young career as a solo artist has been kick-started by the rollout and release of her debut EP, Mine. The 5 track playlist includes her “Ignition” hit mashup, an anthemic title track and “Homie” her most recently released set of visuals.

The synth and percussion heavy instrumentals off tracks like “Mine” and “Homie” translate seamlessly to live performance. In all, Mine is refined top to bottom and excels in delivering the easy-going and elegant vibes from the young artist. Phoebe’s indie-pop focused sound has been shaped by various genres through her time as a songwriter and collaborator.

“I think a huge part of that sound has come from collaboration with other artists,” said Ryan. “My producer Kyle Sheer and I have been working together for over a year now and the collaborations between him and me and him and other producers and songwriters is great. Awesome people collaborating are always good for the sound that you’re going for.”

Recently featured on Skizzy Mars’ The Red Balloon Project, Phoebe declared that more collaboration between the two friends would not be surprising as she looks toward the making of her first full length album.

“I’m definitely working on an album right now and we’re going to pick the best songs we have for it,” said Ryan. “Whatever those best songs happen to be because it’s going to be the best album of all time. We’re always experimenting, of course, but there’s a specific vibe that I like to chase to see what happens with it as it develops.”


As fans pack the pavilion-covered venue of Phoebe’s Saturday afternoon set, the symphony of relatable and energy-filled emotion fills the air. Green hair contrasting to blue backlighting brings out the colorful, yet independent sound and all around vibe of a blossoming and promising career more than ready to bloom.



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