Kari Faux – Nada prod. bLAck pARty

Kari Faux drops the first single off her upcoming project Lost En Los Angeles.

At the end of the day, it seems no one out can build a song around an addictive chorus quite like Kari Faux. Previously featured on Childish Gambino’s STNMTN mixtape, the young Arkansas native looks toward her next project off a strong first single.

“Nada” goes beyond the rhythmic hook and delivers Kari’s emcee prowess by capturing her charming, yet assertive twang through powerful verses that don’t fail on lyrical ability. Produced by fellow royalty artist bLAck pARty, the beat smooths out over keys with some old school west coast flavors.

Get to know Kari Faux and check out her appearance on Hot 97  and be on the lookout for more off her upcoming project.

Connect with Kari Faux Facebook // Twitter

Robert Kelly


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