Halsey – New Americana


The mysterious 20 year-old pop sensation Ashley Frangipane, also known as Halsey, has been making a ton of noise lately – and I don’t think this song is going to quiet the crowd. For some, New Americana might be the song that got them hooked on Halsey, as it was unofficially released months ago. However, the official release is officially here and I can’t wait to see the amazing things this record does.

After being played back-to-back by Zane Lowe on his Apple Music radio show, it was pretty much established that New Americana would be a song praised by fans and industry professionals alike. Speaking to a generation, Frangipane makes this song as relatable as possible without being too corny. Mix some influential words with a nationalistic phrase, add in a Nirvana name-drop and top things off with a weed reference and you’ve got yourself a viral hit.

As for the songs composition, it couldn’t be more perfect. The low-riding bass carries the record from start to finish, layering flawlessly with riveting drum sounds that were tailored for this track. Throw in a harsh synth that compliments Halsey’s vocals flawlessly and you’ve got yourself not only one of the most catchy songs of the year, but one of the most well-made songs I’ve heard in quite some time.

The way Halsey defines our generation in New Americana is comparable to the way Jack Kerouac defined the Beat Generation in his writing. I can’t believe how spot on her claims about society are. With the brutally honest line “survival of the richest“, Frangipane shows us her realization of the entitled upper-class, yet throws in “we don’t feel like outsiders at all” in the following bar to note the increasing rate of individualism despite the realities our nation faces.

The vulnerability Halsey has been showing throughout her recent rise to fame is inspiring. There’s always that one artist you are truly rooting for, above everyone else. I’m not sure if it’s due to the fact that she makes exceptional music or because she is one of the most unique artists I’ve come across, but I’m definitely rooting for Halsey.

Connect with Halsey:  @Halsey


by: Liam

After a near-death experience involving three grizzly bears & two Cambodian strippers, Liam made a life-changing decision to venture into the music world. Follow him on Twitter at @doyouknowLIAM for an endless supply of mediocre tweets.

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