Brothers From Another – This Summer [Album]

Young Seattle’s hip-hop trio, Brothers From Another deliver the funk on their debut full-length album.

This Summer takes on the format of a DJ Beeba hosted radio show that takes the listener through the assorted project. From the vintage cover art to the radio call-ins, the audio and visual decorations of the album help to accent the old school funk sounds that weave in and out of the playlist. This Summer personifies itself as a step-by-step guide to rolling down the windows and making the most of a beautiful summer day.

Beyond the radio inspired feel of the album, This Summer also gives the listener a raw look into the Seattle collective brought together on the album.

“Beeba’s jumping, Isaiah’s laughing and Coleman’s sleeping” Sam Lachow ties into his verse on “Hanging Out”, one of a few great name drops and conversations that help to bring out the recording energy of the project. The great vibes we hear from all artists off the project are nothing short of contagious.

All of the album’s features play an important role to the sound of the project without taking away from the BFA showcase. Seductive contributions from Raveena and Ariana DeBoo bring polished emotions on “Blunt Talk” and “All You”. Emcee features from familiar faces bring out raw energy along with diverse chorus’ from Adra Boo and Otieno Terry which bring energy and insight, respectively.

Lyricism from Cole and Isaiah ranges from care-free and fun to conscious and astute. This Summer is an album that gives off an aura of fun at every turn but isn’t afraid to take on emotions derived from relationships, friendships or experiences, among other inspirations. The Nima Skeemz production also captures many of the great instrumental sounds characteristic of the upper left while being flavored with BFA’s own funk.

This Summer capitalizes on many of the great values we have seen from BFA’s young musical journey. The progression we have seen from both emcees and the detailed level of executive production is a great testament to BFA’s musical past and future journey.

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Robert Kelly

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