Exclusive Interview with Jake Miller

A few hours before hitting the stage in front of a packed house at Toads Place in downtown New Haven,  Jake Miller is blasting Meek Mill’s newly released album on his decked-out tour bus.

With the Dazed and Confused Tour having been underway for a few days at this point, Jake is feeling confident that this tour is his best one yet.

“This tour is just so professional in every aspect,” he said. “I have twice the amount of people with me on the road, the visual aspect of the show is ten times better, we have lights, stairs, confetti and I even take a few musical risks that I haven’t before. Plus, I get to play a ton of new music which is exciting.”

Jake’s newest EP Rumors dropped July 8th, the night before the start of his Dazed and Confused Tour this summer. 
“Releasing an album with no promotion was something I had never done before,” he said. “I usually hype things up for a really long time, so being able to drop this spontaneously right before the tour was cool.”

The tour includes more than 30 stops nationwide and at the age of 22, Jake has enjoyed his young career of touring and playing live shows.

“I hate not being able to always take a shower,” he said. “But it’s so much fun to perform every night and explore all the cities we stop in. Yesterday we had a day off so we got to have some fun at the skate park and batting cages.”
Despite all of his recent success, Jake has worked hard to get to this point. When talking about advice that made his rise to fame easier, he immediately recalled the time he spoke with Asher Roth.
“At the beginning of my career, I sat backstage with him for about an hour before our show,” he said. “He was the most low-key, humble guy. I related to him a lot, and I remember him telling me to just not listen to the hate. Ever since then, I haven’t paid any attention to negative comments I get online. I just try to focus on the positive ones because those are the only ones worth my attention.”

Looking back at how far he’s come, Jake notes the growth his music has seen since the early days.

Rumors is really the first project I’ve put out in which you can hear that growth. I wanted to take a funky, summery vibe with this new EP but ended up going in all different directions. One of the songs is a John Mayer-ish track with a little bit of humor, another is a ballad which came out of nowhere after my friend passed away, and one of my favorites to perform is Shake It which is a club song and Yellow Lights is a really mature, windows down type of song. I like to keep them all different-sounding.”
As for his plans after the Dazed and Confused Tour is complete, Jake says he plans to move out to Los Angeles and hopefully make music videos for all five of his new songs off his Rumors EP.

If the past few months are any indication, Jake Miller will be around for quite some time. The work ethic he and his team have is not only desirable, but rare. When I say I’m excited to see where the future takes Jake, I truly mean it. He has the world in his hands and I can’t wait to see what he does with it.

Connect with Jake Miller: Facebook // Twitter

Robert Kelly

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