Kari Faux – Supplier [Official Music Video]

Kari Faux releases a steamy new song and video ahead of her upcoming project, Lost En Los Angeles.

Playful and thorough visuals bring home the far-out ambiance of the track along with some great wigs. Kari’s strong presence manages to fend off attempted show-stealing guitarist Fam, a testament to her captivating nature.

“Supplier” delivers a fluid combination of elegant and strong punchlines with some fluently sung storytelling. Kari’s sharp charisma feels smoothly blended into the softly sung rhythms weaving through the verses and chorus. As with all recent tracks from the Little Rock native, “Supplier” harness a robust and catchy chorus but strays from any pop-like dependence on the memorable hook. Strong production with funk influences and a romantic outro give the track a stable framework despite only clocking in at a quick two minutes. Strength, independence and creativity have combined in Kari’s recent work resulting in some layered, entertaining sounds.

While Kari Faux’s journey leading up to her forthcoming Lost En Los Angeles project has been propelled through Childish Gambino’s camp, it would be naive to hold it against her. Her appeared cohesion within the collective has presented a unique and enlightening voice coming from the southern artist. Holding strong ties to her roots while keeping an open mind to new west coast influences would give LELA an intriguing sound worthy of any platform.

Be sure to check out “Nada“, the first single off Kari’s Lost En Los Angeles and get to know her and royalty producer bLAck pARty on Hot 97.
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Robert Kelly


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