Brandyn Burnette – Made of Dreams


One thing that seems to remain consistent throughout all types of albums is the role played by a title track. If a body of work contains a title track, it usually sets a tone and mood for the entire album. Whether the listener agrees with that statement or not, the artist will usually hold it to be true. Brandyn Burnette has been working on the Made of Dreams EP for quite some time and today we are blessed with it’s defining title track.

Creating a unique indie-electronic sound for most of the project, Burnette reminds us on this track that he can make a pop hit without totally abandoning his roots and musical morals. It’s truly amazing to see what Brandyn can do – both production-wise and vocally. If any track on the upcoming EP is a Top 40 hit, this is it.

Though Brandyn doesn’t clearly state which city this song is about, he’s admitted to writing the track following a trip to New York; so it’s pretty safe to say this is yet another anthem about the big apple. Be sure to check out City of Dreams and keep an eye out for the EP which is coming sooner than you think!

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Robert Kelly

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