[COM Premiere] Donte Thomas – Been That (Prod. Corey G)

Though Portland may not be the first place that springs to mind as a blossoming musical metropolis, the Rose City has quietly started to cultivate a music landscape as fresh and eclectic as the city itself. Amongst a variety of young creatives starting to sprout out from it’s pine covered panoramas is 21 year old Donte Thomas, a palpably hungry hip-hop artist who has started to make waves that stretch far beyond the Oregon coastline.
Much like the city where he was raised, Donte can’t help but stand out, due to both his remarkably refined flows and an unrivaled drive. Despite only just being able to head out to the bars, Donte has already founded and curated his own musical collective (STRAY Music Group) and begun to make himself a fixture in both the Portland and Eugene hip-hop spheres.
The next step in his journey towards the mountaintop of North West music comes today, in the form of his newest release Been That. The Corey G produced single is Donte’s best work yet, showcasing the precocious emcee’s innate gift for slickly worded verses. However not lost between the spacey chords and sharp bursts of wordplay is a catchy if simplistic hook, reminding listeners that Thomas has been the man to watch since his teens.
Been That is a rare record that manages to be both mellow and flexing simultaneously, drawing you in concurrently with it’s lyrical punch and easygoing charisma. In short, Donte Thomas’ latest effort is more than worth your ear, and we couldn’t be happier to provide the Official Premiere.
   Connect with Donte Thomas: @DontexThomas

Robert Kelly


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