Aaron Taos – Guits EP

Aaron Taos just released his debut EP, Guits, after slow releases including Ill as well as Simple & Sober earlier this year. Having just finished back-to-back showcases at this year’s CMJ (College Music Journal) Music Marathon in New York City, Aaron knows how to spread the word around Brooklyn. 

Aaron’s sound is a good bridge between indie and hip-hop, with just a sprinkle of funk mixed in. This six song EP is an amazing introduction for anyone who hasn’t had a chance to check out this untapped reservoir of talent. Stream the album below and mellow out to far-out instrumentals, introspective lyrics, and various facial expressions from this gifted 23 year old.

Robert Kelly


One thought on “Aaron Taos – Guits EP

  1. Dude, I'm 53, was on local tv in my early days and played 100 bars and parties,and many many other gigs. I like your stuff, Bangs mostly cause it's so pop, but it works cause you have a very real voice, also you know how to accent lyrics very well. I just want to say that with that voice of yours I would really like to here you do a 12 bar blues, like Red House style, or a Dylanesk acoustic revolutionary political finger pointin song.


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