Healy and Felly Invite you to ‘Live For The Moment’

Life moves fast, so fast it’s hard sometimes to just take a breath and appreciate it all. Happiness is fleeting, and if you don’t grab on quickly it’ll pass you right by. So let’s make a pact to live in the present, if only briefly, unconcerned about social media, homework, jobs, or whatever’s preoccupying your mind. Just say fuck it all and embrace what we have, good friends, a warm breeze, cold drinks, and a little music. Why live superficially when there’s beauty all around us? In the girl next door, the trees in the park, and the notes of a guitar.

This is the message melodically delivered by Healy’s latest effort LFTM. Healy spins his millennial weary, half-sung verses over a lo-fi combination of cascading keys and knocking percussion, twisting words to relate the twisted priorities of his generation.

wear your soul now, you gotta wear your soul now / take your cool off / now you looking profound”

Joining the Memphis native is Felly who delivers his own contemplative verse, sprinkling sharp wordplay between commentary on vanity and self-importance. Both young creatives shine on this introspective cut, spreading authenticity amidst all the fake and contrived.

Put that phone down, and immerse yourself in some beautiful vibes.

Connect with Healy: @cop_a_phealy

By Luke Benjamin

Luke Benjamin

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