Jules Henley is Surrounded by Angels in a new Freestyle

It’s been a minute since we checked in with Jules Henley, but it’s time we had a long overdue reunion.


Simply put, life isn’t easy, it throws things at us that we can’t possibly handle in the moment, and the only thing we can do is move past it. Embrace the riptide and ride it out until we find ourselves back on solid ground. Forcing ourselves to find silver linings after the crush, emerging from the waves more determined to make it than we ever were before.

This in a way characterizes Jules new release, a new chapter of sorts, just like us here at COM. Since separating from Penthouse Music, Oklahoma City’s brightest young creative has been relatively quiet, using the brief silence to plan his next step. But now we have a brand new record, in the form of a tenacious freestyle.

Over a sample heavy ‘Ye produced Mos-Def flip Henley lets all his frustrations loose, his half-sung bars asserting his intense hunger. Not satisfied with ordinary, Jules has his eyes set on the seemingly unattainable mountaintop, dreaming past his idols to the pinnacle. Who am I to say he won’t get there, as each sharply written lyric strikes a chord.

Listen to Angels, and enjoy more distinct greatness from Jules Henley.

Connect with Jules Henley: @jules_henley

By Luke Benjamin

Luke Benjamin

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