Future – Last Breath (prod. Metro Boomin & Ludwig Goransson)

Future teams up with Metro Boomin and Ludwig Goransson to deliver a modern remix of a classic cinematic theme, for the upcoming Creed  movie soundtrack.

“Last Breath” builds off of the iconic Rocky theme to harness an intriguing production collaboration that lays way for it-moment emcee, Future. The baseline of the track breeds off the collaboration between Ludwig Gorasson, longtime Childish Gambino collaborator, and Metro Boomin, longtime Future (Young Money, ATL) collaborator. Both producers share in creating the “Gonna Fly Nowremix in unique ways. The instrumental core to the track feels mobilized by Ludwig, who has brought instrumental zen to many hip-hop tracks – “That Power“, “Flight of the Navigator” and “Late Night in Kauai” to highlight a few. Under Ludwig’s preface, the original Rocky theme feels protected and re-imagined on a symphonic level, thanks to the percussion and instrumental prowess from the Swedish composer.

On the opposite side of the production coin, Metro Boomin brings Atl 808’s to the table, creating the palatable bridge between Future’s vocals and the Rocky, Ludwig, anthemic core to the remix. The tagline connecting the Sylvester-franchise theme and the modern Future-lead collaboration speaks to the direction the new, Rocky, chapter is taking, offering a modern twist to the iconic, boxing classic.

Creed will be in theaters November 25th. The soundtrack will reportedly also feature a Childish Gambino & Vince Staples collaboration, by way of Ludwig production.

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By Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly


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