Lido Gets Blue with ‘Here’

Lido’s latest is a musically translated existential crisis, a journey through the minefields of quick success, and all the fake smiles and open hands that come with it.  He seeks escape through the same music that has him feeling so trapped, enclosed by label politics, coattail riders, and the blues.

Through the discontent, Lido’s musical genius still shines, as his troubled singing winds over a bed of layered key melodies, driving chords, woozy synths, and big 808’s. The Alessia Cara vocal sample colliding harmoniously with his simple hook, asking “Why am I here?”.

Just a loose remix, but Lido doesn’t stretch his vocal chords all too often, and this is still a pretty great record. All too relatable to my own frequent thoughts as a college student, what am I even doing?

Connect with Lido: @Lidogotsongs

By Luke Benjamin

Luke Benjamin

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