Solomonilla supplies “2piece”

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After releasing his single “Want To” about a month ago, which has racked up a solid 20k plays, Solomonilla decided to drop a small, two-song EP fittingly titled “2Piece”.

The Marylander released his M.I.M EP over the summer and continues to improve as evident in these two dope tracks. It seems as if Solomonilla is taking “No Breaks”, the title of the first song on this EP. No Breaks contains a more serious message about his drive to takeover.

“Flyyer” is the second song, a high-energy and bouncy song that you almost can’t help but to play at a loud volume. Personally, Flyyer is my favorite of the two.

“2Piece” is a nice treat this week to help satisfy your hunger for some new music. I think it’s a nice sample of Solomonilla’s versatility in song making and a preview for what we can expect from him in the future.

Connect with Solomonilla : Twitter // SoundCloud

By Richie Bozek

Richie Bozek

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