Hoodie Allen – Champagne and Pools feat. Blackbear & Kyle


Hoodie Allen prefaces his 2016 tour with a collaborative new single, “Champagne and Pools”.

The track brings on tour partners Blackbear and Kyle. Both artists add fresh contributions to the chill and rhythmically pleasing, off-materialism tune.  Kyle references the release of his October album, Smyle, in tone of the sophomore project being released alongside the (surprise) WATTBA. Kyle’s verse is characteristically stripped of any nuances and offers an overall seamless feature.

Hoodie Allen’s forthcoming free album Happy Camper has no release date, though could still be slated for a 2015 release. Tickets for the tour, starting January 15, are on sale now. You can check out Hoodie’s recent releases on “Let It All Work Out” and “The Moment“. For even more Happy Camper preparation check out our Spring interview with Hoodie and throwback 2014 feature on Kyle.

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By Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly


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