Vibes are real in Rozwell Was Here’s new EP

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 12.57.23 AM.png

There’s almost no such thing out there that compares to Rozwell Was Here’s “No Such Things” EP.

I was fortunate enough to be put on to this incredibly talented artist out of Virginia Beach with the help of tylerWRIGHTEOUS, who is also a dope artist out of Virginia so shout out to him real quick.

This four-song project covers a whole spectrum of vibes in its 10 minute timespan.

It opens up with an upbeat instrumental that features an enticing bass line with a combination of  steel drum with a bit of horns that leaves you not being able to wait to see what lies ahead for the rest of the project — and you aren’t left disappointed.

The second track, Hennessy, is probably the most popular song on the EP with a more sentimental beat with some real lyrics to match the feel. It closes out with some nice vocals from Maeve Alexander.

The tempo’s picked right back up with the next track with another vibrant instrumental that’s almost impossible not to bounce along to. Just going to put this out there, I lost it at exactly the 1:00 mark.

The experience wraps up with short and soothing acoustic track.

I’m going to be having this EP on rotation for a while, and I’m definitely excited to see what Rozwell will put out in the future.

Connect with Rozwell Was Here: Twitter // SoundCloud

By Richie Bozek

Richie Bozek

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