Krews Artfully Captures Winter Time In PVD

Providence is bubbling, the cities snow-swept streets starting to produce talent that far exceeds Rhode Island’s tiny boundaries. The newest voice emerging from the cities storied shadows is Krews, an artist with a remarkably sharp aesthetic and sound.

Buoyed by the success of low-key hit ‘My Plug’, a hazy, intoxicating banger, Krews has begun to propel himself towards rap stardom. The latest step towards these lofty heights is ‘WTIPVD’, a record that is both cutting, like a winter chill, and murky, like the drugs that carry you through the long cold months.

Krews brings determined lyricism and his penchant for hypnotic, auto-tuned melodies to the table, placing it over fittingly atmospheric production. Ultimately finding a sonic medium that is Winter Time in Providence.

This is a really dope cut, and a celebration of where both Krews and I are from, so vibe out and show the kid from Rhode Island a little love.

Connect with Krews: @itsKrews

By Luke Benjamin

Luke Benjamin

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