Lostboycrow Teams Up With Skizzy Mars and Jon Waltz for Two New Records

LostBoyCrow seems almost destined to one day reside amongst the stars. The fast rising vocalist has perfected an infectious brand of pop-colored R&B, flying ever higher with each taste of his distinct sonic fusion.

His music is characterized by a patterning of grand, lush hooks with modern R&B themes, making for enticing compositions grounded in love, and other drugs. The young Los Angeleno seemingly interpolating influences as disparate as The Weeknd and The Beach Boys and translating them into his own tongue.

The entirety of his new ‘Sigh For Me’ EP is irresistible, and an indication of his preternatural ability to craft nothing but blissful pop beauties. As if that weren’t enough, LostBoyCrow is also joined on the EP by two of musics most refreshing young voices, the precocious Jon Waltz and Skizzy Mars, the prince of New York City.

Waltz contributes a lustful, auto-tune drenched verse to the lovesick My Heart is a Weapon, and Skizzy imbues the wandering Lost Boy with his melody heavy drug influenced aphorisms.

I’ll leave you with a wish, I truly hope you’ll stream this excellent project, and download if you like.

Connect with Lostboycrow: @lostboycrow

By Luke Benjamin

Luke Benjamin

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