Russ Slows it Down With ‘Moonlight In Atlanta’

At this point it seems like Russ may be incapable of making a subpar record, backing each successive release with an equally astonishing follow up. His latest opus blessing our computer screens and headphones just a number of hours ago.

‘Moonlight In Atlanta’ is a slow-burning ballad, bathed in the ATLiens honeyed melodies. Enticing and intoxicating, Russ exudes charisma at every turn, creating emotional distance as he draws you in.

“I tell her that i love her / Even though i really don’t mean it / Im sorry that i do you so cold sometimes”

His sweet-sounding words work to hide his purely physical intentions. ‘Midnight In Atlanta’  is a love song of sorts, a love song to quick fixes and quicker flings, unapologetic in it’s lack of commitment.

This record is the sound to a shallow hook-up, a mistaken midnight love, and is truly great at what it does. 2016 may be the year of DIEMON.

Connect with Russ: @russdiemon

By Luke Benjamin

Luke Benjamin

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