Portland’s Donte Thomas is back with ‘Never Rest’

Donte Thomas has been relatively quiet for the last few months, since the release of the flexing Been That, but don’t mistake that silence for inaction. Rather it seems, Donte just needed to take a momentary step back so he could re-focus on the bigger picture, in this case a debut album. The prodigal Portlander has bigger aspirations than a handful of SoundCloud plays, and the beginnings of this project are the initial hints of that vision.

Today we’re given the first taste of what Thomas has been cooking, with ‘Never Rest’ serving as the aggressive re-introduction. Donte instantly sets the tone for the record, launching into an unwaveringly confident opening verse shortly after the thumping production sets in. His barbed bars easily cut through the bass-heavy, percussive sound, assertively detailing his distaste for wasted time and empty words.

Simply put, if it ain’t about the money than what are we talking about?

Following the hypnotic hook, fellow PDX artist Manny Monday assists with a smooth verse of his own, fittingly capping off this impressive record.

BrandUn DeShay gifts the soundscape, inciting the boisterous feels.

Could 2016 be the year of the STRAY?

Connect With Donte Thomas: @DontexThomas

By Luke Benjamin

Luke Benjamin

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