Tiggs Da Author – Run feat. Lady Leshurr [Official Music Video]

Tiggs Da Author releases a new video for his second breakout track, “Run”.

The London-based artist began 2016 with the new single following up his 2015 release “Georgia“, featured in the new video’s intro. Tiggs has long displayed a unique mix of classic soul and jazz influences blended with contemporary hip-hop and R&B sounds. He first popped on my radar back in 2013 with his sublime feature on the quirky but fun KSI “No Sleep” collaboration. Tiggs also appeared on KSI’s recent No Sleep project with a video release of “Smoke and Mirrors” earlier this month.

“Run” showcases breathtaking South African visuals and car theatrics, reminiscent of MIA’s “Bad Girls“, to match the upbeat vocals. Lady Leshurr, popular in 2015 for her “Queen’s Speech” series, adds even more flavor to the track, bringing it home on an energetic tone.

Tiggs Da Author has shown well-rounded potential on “Georgia” and “Run”, building momentum in the UK as well as the States. All signs point to a label-backed debut project in 2016 that should be as enjoyable as it is well-deserved.

Connect with Tiggs Da Author Facebook // Twitter

By Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly


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