Scruby Tuesdays Return


No other way to say it but Cal Scruby released bangers the last two weeks with the return of his fan favorite “Scruby Tuesdays” series.

Too Eazy was dropped last week and it honestly just makes you want to run through a wall after listening, it’s that hype. It’s 110 seconds long (1 min 50 seconds, yay math) and all 110 of those seconds, Cal is legit spazzing on the mic.  He literally makes it look too eazy.

“Bitch you ain’t no Golden State, ain’t none of y’all know how to shoot. Told your team to backup, I show you how the starters do.”

Too Eazy

This week he released Right Now, which is more mellow, but as always, incorporates Scruby’s extraordinary lyricism and incessant creativity.  He does a little bit of everything on the track, which illustrates his growth as an artist over the last few years.

“What if Fresh Prince never made it to the mansion? What if Blac Chyna wasn’t dancin’? What if Ray J never had the camera? Clearly I don’t have the answers.”

Right Now

These two Scruby Tuesday releases are really setting the tone for the direction Cal wants to take in 2016.  He’s been getting more name recognition as a result of his music video Aint Shit Changed ft. Chris Brownwhich has totaled over 2 million views on YouTube. Scruby says he’s going to continue releasing new songs every Tuesday, so keep a look out for future tracks to come.  As a fan, I’ve been itching for new stuff since “House in the Hills” was released last August.  Cal’s delivering and he’s doing it extremely well.

If you haven’t yet, go check out our exclusive interview with Scruby a few months back here.

Connect with Cal: Twitter // Facebook // SoundCloud

Ryan Welage

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