The Chainsmokers – Roses (Ariana DeBoo Cover)

Seattle artist Ariana DeBoo takes on “Roses” in a new video and cover.

The song selection for DeBoo’s third cover release is appealing superficially and thematically. Structurally, The Chainsmokers’ original track is reliant on the intelligent production and instrumentals from the duo and then further accented by the vocals. Highlighting the original structure should not discredit Rozes’ brilliant track-making feature, but rather acknowledge some of the great reworking done by DeBoo.

Opposed to electronics and edits, Ariana plays around with pacing to add her own energy and put her vocals center stage over underscoring guitar acoustics. Reversing the relationship between instrumental and vocal aspects of the song offers a second level of intrigue to the cover. Familiar tones on the hook bring the song back together as DeBoo and Rozes display comparatively soft voices. When compared to the original, DeBoo’s cover feels like a satisfying, stripped remix rather than a simple acoustic reproduction.

DeBoo has been a consistent contributor to the Seattle hip-hop scene for a few years now. “Roses” marks her third cover release over the past two years and may hopefully be another step toward a solo project. For more, check out her previous covers of J. Cole’s “Apparently” and Coldplay’s “Green Eyes” as well as her recent features on BFA’s “All You” and Kevin Lavitt’s “Strange“.

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By Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly

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