Duncan Barton releases impressive, third-ever song

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 1.38.26 PM.png


A very fitting line in this song goes,”They really baffled by this craft that we perfect.” There’s some tracks that kind of blow you away the first time you hear them. “Next” by Duncan Barton is one of them.

Next is something I vibe with heavy. Duncan Barton spills some soothing verses and shows off his vocals a bit with a relaxing hook over an equally as calming instrumental that is self-produced. He also strums the strings that you hear throughout the track himself.

If you aren’t sold on this 19-year old Maryland artist’s talent yet, just know Next is only his third-ever release, which is pretty impressive he’s already creating music at this quality.

I highly recommend checking out this track above, just as I recommend that you should be on the look out for more releases from Duncan Barton in the future.

Connect with Duncan Barton : Twitter // SoundCloud

Richie Bozek


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