Brandyn Burnette talks Songwriting, his new EP & more


When someone asks Brandyn Burnette what the best part of 2016 has been thus far, he has a tough time answering.

The 22 year-old Los Angeles-based recording artist released a breakout EP in November of 2015 and started off the new year with a few appearances on American Idol. After leaving the hit show due to contractual reasons, Brandyn has released a multitude of original songs and collaborations that have amassed millions of views in just a few months, a number of the collaborations being with girlfriend Molly Moore for the couple’s duo Cosmos & Creature.

With Burnette creating waves in his own lane and paving a new path for EDM with his part in Cosmos & Creature, we decided to ask Brandyn a few questions. Read our conversation below.


Q: What has been your main focus lately?

A: My main focus has been creating a solid team of musicians, artists & the like to really solidify the message of the music I make. I’ve started my own label with my girl & songwriting partner Molly Moore called Home Planet Records. It started as a pipe dream but now we’re making our rent money in independent sales. Currently finishing the new Molly Moore EP, been working on a few exciting new collaborations, as well as branching out into more of the music business side of my artistry.

Q: Has songwriting for other artists taken a backseat recently?

A: Songwriting for artists never really takes a backseat. Most of my songs that have been cut on other artists have come out of nowhere & were usually just right moment at the right time. I’ve been wearing many different hats in the studio lately. As I’ve branched out into production I’ve noticed that each new session I do never completely maintains the same process. I once did a writing session with this kid named Bahram from San Francisco for some cash & it turned into “Worship”on my new EP. It’s exciting to switch it up & follow the inspiration, if it leads to a track for me, a track for molly, Cosmos & Creature or it’s writing for major label acts.

Q: How would you describe the sound of your next project?

A: I’d describe this sound as I always do: progressive soul. It’s rooted in soul & blues but it’s not sonically bound to one specific genre. That’s where the term ‘progressive’ comes in, because I feel like creating the music on my own for the first time has unlocked a new dimension to my artistry that I never even knew I had. I think this record is very sonically visual & cinematic, yet chill enough to through on in the background while studying or driving. I think the tone of it is very spiritual & at times even dark/intense. True to it’s name, this record is the current State I’m In.


Q: What inspires your music the most?

A: Emotions drive a lot of my music. Very different to being summoned into the studio as a writer, when I’m building a project I often have ideas started & can’t physically finish them until I am in the headspace of that emotion again. If it’s hard to deal with, it usually takes the least about of time because the thoughts rush out & I don’t question them as much. Other times, like on a track called “Inner Child” for example- it took me almost a year to finish that one. My laptop was stolen & I thought the track I made was gone. The lyrics to the song were gone. I had to rely on my memory alone to finish the song. I remember being devistated & in tears when all of the lyrics & the music came back to me. I rebuilt the song & wrote it to the best of my memory & thus it became one of my favorite records on the project. There’s pain & soul in each track & it’s inspired primarily from the details of my life experience so far.


Q: What made you explore the electronic sound?

A: I decided to explore the electronic sound more simply because I had never officially produced so each time I made a track I was messing with sounds & shapes of sounds until I’d hear what was in my head. Being a pianist & a multi-instrumentalist, my favorite thing to write with is a live instrument. But when it came to building the soundscape of the music & vibe, there were just some things that musical instruments couldn’t achieve that I was discovering I could. That’s not to say that I wasn’t craving the live feel. After rI had all the templates of the tracks, I took them into Bedrock Studios here in LA with some live musician friends & walked out with a body of work I’ve never been more proud of.


Q: How is Cosmos & Creature going? Any upcoming projects, covers, originals?


A: Cosmos & Creature is really starting to shape up. We have a few new features in the EDM world coming up, but more importantly, we are launching our first single very soon (this summer) followed by many many shows & hopefully the festivals next year. This project is an excellent release for me, as I’m able to explore the depths of my artistry further. Molly & I both grew up on Pop & love pop music so to have a project where we can focus on a positive message in a more commercial setting is another goal of ours as artists.


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After a near-death experience involving three grizzly bears & two Cambodian strippers, Liam made a life-changing decision to venture into the music world. Follow him on Twitter at @doyouknowLIAM for an endless supply of mediocre tweets.

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