Q&A with the newest member of Penthouse, Chris Buxton


South Carolina artist, Chris Buxton, could not have started off the year any better if he had tried.

After dropping tracks like Remember and Empty, Buxton has gained more and more of a following as 2016 carries on. But his success isn’t just defined by the hundreds of thousands of listens his songs have amassed over the year, Buxton continues to put a personal spin on the game and lights it up every time. By consistently putting out original music and creating an image for himself which differs from any other artist in the game, Chris has found himself in Penthouse with artists like Skizzy Mars and Cam Meekins.

With collaborations including Dylan Reese, Justin Stone, and one on the way with Schec we’re very excited to see what Buxton has to offer in this stage of his music career. We had a few questions which take a look at Buxton’s thoughts on all this, check them out below.


Q: What have been your goals lately, what’re you trying to achieve through your music?

A: The main goals of my journey so far have really been tied between growing my sound as a whole and allowing my “brand” to emerge. I have really put a lot of time and effort into my music, and it is great to see everything come together right now. However, there is still much more to do and accomplish in the future. I want my music to be the voice of the kids, and I want it to speak for those who are scared to speak about thoughts and opinions. I grew up being a shy kid and music became my outlet to voice my thoughts. I believe that when I can captivate the world and allow people to speak up and be themselves is when I will know I have done what I wanted with music. However, we have ways to go before we reach that.


Q: How would you describe your style and flow?

A: I would say my music is very unconventional in the fact that it is not the same as a lot of music being put out in certain aspects. I try to craft every song I make differently to allow it to have it’s own identity and meaning. If you really listen deeply to my music you can tell little things where I may change the tone of my voice, create little harmonies, or build a story within the song. From the beginning, I felt as if I was solely a rapper, but my flow has changed a good bit recently. I have allowed myself to sing more and create harmonies throughout my tracks to create this hybrid feel in my music.


Q: Tell us about being apart of Penthouse, would you consider it a big step for you?

A: Being apart of Penthouse is a great feeling. I feel like I’m surrounded by a highly creative group of people that will be there to push me to the best of my abilities. I believe we all have similar views about what we want from music, and that is what I think makes being apart of this collective so much sweeter. This is a much-needed step in my career. Many artists especially this early in their careers don’t get opportunities like this often, and it is great having someone like Skizzy really believe in what I’m creating.


Q: How is collaborating with artists like Reese, do they add a new level to your music? 

A: I believe that collaborating has allowed me to grow and add a new level to my music. I had a great opportunity to work with Dylan Reese and I feel that opened doors for both of us to emerge. I have also worked with Columbus artist Justin Stone and his friendship has allowed me to propel as an artist with his constant support and grind.


Q: Where do you pull inspiration from for your music, you’ve put out songs like ‘O.C.’ which seemed to have personal roots, can you tell us a little about that?

A: Most of my inspiration comes from real life events. I had some trials and tribulations (death,substance abuse, depression) that really opened me up to write. My life wasn’t easy the past year and a half. I went from collegiate soccer athlete to music artist overnight. I had periods where I believed that this music wasn’t worth it, and there were definitely times I thought i’d lose it all. It’s hard opening up and being completely honest through your music ,and I believe that’s what makes me different. I have had situations that have shaped me to where am today. All I want to do is inspire people that were/are in the same situation or position to chase what they want and never be afraid to be different. No matter what song you want to listen to, they all have a story behind them: ‘Remember’ the loss of my friends to substance abuse/ me being lost, ‘Empty’ more about getting past judgement and admitting faults to yourself so you can see what you are and what you want to truly become, and ‘The O.C.’ is about the highs and lows of being with an overzealous girl that is toxic in the fact that she blocks your creativity with whatever you do. All the songs this year have been very cohesive and all build on each other events wise.


– com.



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