Shelton Harris – Strangers (ft. Mark Diamond & Jaga) [Official Music Video]

Shelton Harris and Tyler Dopps, the emcee x producer duo from Seattle, Washington returned to the game with a splash.  It’s been close to 18 months since we last heard from the talented duo.

I, for one, am overjoyed that they are back to making music.  It’s not just any music either, this is by far the best stuff they’ve released.  Two weeks ago we got a snippet/warning sign, as well as the date for their next project, June 21st.  Awake, an EP , will be out officially on June 21st.

One of my favorite things about running a music website and being involved with music, in general, is seeing an artist grow.  They grow as both artists and in their personal life.  I cannot even put into words how exciting it is for me as a fan and critic to hear artists growing, pushing boundaries, and just getting better.

I adore all aspects of this track.  Dopps’ production has gotten incredibly crisp and unique, with him developing his own style, which is no surprise given his mentor.  Shelton has crafted his craft to his own style as well, the lyrics are catchy, heartfelt and delivered with the best delivery I’ve heard him produce, to date.

The video was directed and produced by Tyler Dopps.


By Nora


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