The Passing of the Torch: How Chance The Rapper Changed Music as We Know It


Photo by Zoe Rain

Far and away the most popular debate in the music-sphere is “who is the best rapper alive?”

The GOAT of the music industry.

I’ve always thought that was an unfair question, even though I myself ask it often and answer it consistently with the same rapper.

In all aspects of life people enjoy talking about the “passing of the torch.”

You see it in sports, acting, business, music, all walks of life.

I think there are a number of good answers as to who is the current GOAT of the music industry.  I also think that it is fair to say that there has been a torch passing recently in the music industry.

The music industry has changed.  You don’t make it the same way today that you did in 2000 or 2010.

The Internet.

Free music is the name of the game. And thanks to one artist in particular, we, as fans, don’t have to go insane over artists’ selling out to make more money anymore.

Free music is now eligible for a Grammy.  Streaming only music is an official category at the 59th Grammy’s in 2017.  And don’t be surprised if Chance The Rapper wins the Grammy in it’s inaugural year.

Now Chance The Rapper did not do it all by himself.  Many who came before him pushed the boundaries little by little to get to this point.

Mac Miller.  Macklemore x Ryan Lewis.  Childish Gambino.  Logic.  Chance The Rapper.  And far too many to name in one post.

Chance has led the final surge over the finish line.

So the Torch has been passed. It has been passed to a new generation of rappers.

A new generation of rappers who will make their craft without the infringement of the industry giants.  The music labels that claim you need their money to succeed.  Chance The Rapper has changed the game.

He is carrying this particular torch and the flame is roaring.

By Nora



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