Vince Staples Live at Firefly Music Festival 2016

Vince Staples brings “Ghost” remix along with Summertime ’06 setlist to Firefly Music Festival.

Just a few days after announcing the beginning of a youth arts program set for Ramona Park in Long Beach, Calif. Vince took the stage at Firefly boasting With You.’s Major Lazer “Ghost” remix and recent Flume collab. The dance collabs kept the pace of Vince’s set through the roof while also allowing time for mellow sing-alongs with “Lemme Know” and “Summertime“.

Staples brought older classics to the set as well including a bass-heavy finale of “Blue Suede”.

The tenacity of his high-energy set was met with charisma, to be expected, especially when seemingly settling a score backstage on the topic that Delaware is in fact the First State of the United States.

Stay up for more Firefly updates and news and connect with Vince below.

Vince Staples Facebook // Twitter

By Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly

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