The power of the internet in music — Maggie Rogers and “Alaska”

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The internet is a crazy place, and so is its power.

The internet is more significant in the music world today than it ever has been, just one example being streaming-service only releases.

Another display of its impact in music has developed in the past month with the emergence of NYU student and Maryland artist Maggie Rogers, and her hit “Alaska”.

About three weeks ago on reddit, a video of Pharell Williams listening to NYU student projects and critiquing them climbed its way to the front page; the video highlighted Pharell listening to Maggie’s song — Alaska. And for good reason. (Check out the thread here)

Pharell was blown away, having tears in his eyes and smiling throughout the whole song. After the song concluded, Skateboard P praised Maggie explaining how she has a sound he had never heard before. I feel like I don’t need to say how big that is coming from one of the g.o.a.t.s in music, and I can’t even imagine how surreal that sounds from Maggie’s perspective.

I came across the thread after it already made the front page, but finding Maggie’s SoundCloud at the time three weeks ago she didn’t have more than about seven thousand followers.

Fast forward to about two and a half weeks later — the CDQ of Alaska dropped, blessing everyone who was waiting for a time that seemed a lot longer than two and a half weeks. (Take notes Frank Ocean, imagine how long it’s felt waiting for your album).

Maggie’s SoundCloud followers has jumped to nearly 50k, Alaska has nearly 1 million plays in the first week — not to mention a spot in the iTunes top-100, which I’m sure will continue to rise.

So shoutout to the power of the internet one time for this humble and talented artist’s quick come up and blessing us with what is already one of the songs of the summer. Take a listen to Alaska below.

Connect with Maggie Rogers : Facebook // Twitter


by Richie

photo by Katia Temkin


Richie Bozek

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