Shelton Harris – Awake EP


What is dead may never die.

Shelton Harris and Tyler Dopps last released new music 2 years ago.  Many were wondering, where were they?  What had happened?  And, when would we get new music from the talented artist x producer combo out of Seattle?

The two were the young starlets in the eyes of many who adored Seattle hip-hop.  When they stopped making music, many felt they had lost something that was a part of them.

Shelton Harris worked with a young Seattle upstart, Travis Thompson, during his hiatus.

Tyler Dopps went to learn from not just Seattle’s best producer, but one of the best making music at this time, in Ryan Lewis.

The wait was worth it. Shelton has perfected his flow and found his identity.  Dopps has also found his identity and produced some crispy production that will blow you away in all honesty.

When I listened to Awake a few nights ago I thought to myself, this is what music should sound like.  You, as a listener, should feel what the artist is going through and has been through.

I hope you feel what I felt as you listen to this.

By Nora


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