Alex Aff stays steady through change in “Phases”

Aff has one reason to get through all the adversity he has to keep doing him. On his latest joint, “Phases, he looks at change,

“Phases to me is about change. More internal change than external. As in I know that my external life cannot change unless I’m in tune with myself as a human/artist first. It’s pretty much me deciding to accept the fact that things will be different but through change, I’ll continue to do what I do.”

Carrying on from his last few tracks like The Background and 9th Wonder, Aff continues to deliver heat time and time again. Phases is no different, the beat is one of the best he’s ever put out a song on, lyrically so cohesive it flows very well. No stranger to this sort of thing, Alex Aff has become one of the better all around artists we’ve seen, everything he produces is made in a way that keeps his listeners waiting for his next track.

“Adversity is just a part of what anybody that wants to do anything has to go through.”

Alex Aff isn’t going to back down from the game, we all know that, with tracks like this, the hype for his newest project in the making grows. One thing for sure though, we know he’ll keep doing him, no matter what.

“I have to keep doing me. Simply because there is nothing else I can do better so I don’t even have a choice.”




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