Fordson Labs – Roots EP

First off, I’m going to say that merch really does help spread word of an artist. I’m in Richmond, Virginia for the summer, where I remember seeing Fordson Labs t-shirts on certain occasions. I search it up, and next thing I know I’ve found a new hip-hop collective from the RVA.

A couple songs that stood out to me on their SoundCloud from the start were “Blest“, “Rich and Lonely People“, and “Love Me Today“.

Last week, about two weeks after discovering them, they release a new project called the “Roots EP”. The EP features some self-production from The Cartier (one of the members, the other is King Cole), as well as instrumentals from names like Felly, IAMNOBODI, 20YSL.

This easygoing EP from a group who just graduated high school is worth checking out, and should have you being on the lookout for more from them in the future. Give it a listen above.

Connect with Fordson Labs : Twitter // SoundCloud


Richie Bozek

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