Commonminds – vii. Drown ft Maya


“Related tracks” are a beautiful thing. It allowed me to stumble across this gem of a new artist, Commonminds, and his most recent release “vii. Drown”. The vii. represents his 7th-ever release, the first dating back to six months ago.

Drown gives off an easy-going and lighthearted vibe with some slick verses. The last minute and a half of the song switches up to something slower, featuring more vocals from Maya who delivers a perfect chorus for this track.

The most impressive part of this release, as well as the previous six Commonminds has released, is that the New York artist was only born in 1999. Definitely be on the lookout for what this young star has in store for the future.

Connect with Commonminds : Twitter // SoundCloud

Richie Bozek