USE℞ – My Body Left My Soul


Some songs you can tell are special after one listen. They make you feel something different. Different is a loose term I will use to try to describe USE℞’s new song “My Body Left My Soul”.

In a large way, “different” is pretty accurate — this track just sounds unique. But in the sense of feeling something different, I’m not sure if this song makes me happy or sad. Half of me wants to smile throughout this track, half of me wants to tear up. Either way, it says something that this song can pull at certain emotions like that.

USE℞ is the duo of two Virginia artists of from the 757, Rozwell OTW and Matt Maeson. Both are incredibly talented, both are incredibly slept on.

Press play on “My Body left my Soul” above.

Connect with Rozwell and Matt Maeson

Richie Bozek